Furrer Every Atom Is Buzzing

Furrer drops mesmerizing single ‘Every Atom Is Buzzing’

Inspired by “morning euphoria,” Stockholm based DJ and producer has dropped and ecstatic experience in the form of ‘Every Atom Is Buzzing’.

Everyone has that “excitement” feeling in the morning, immediately after getting up; people call it in various way and, Swedish DJ and producer Furrer like to call it “morning euphoria.” Furrer has transcribed this feeling into music with his new single ‘Every Atom Is Buzzing’.

The track’s name already describes it all: the result is an ecstatic experience created solely with soul. ‘Every Atom Is Buzzing’ kicks off with a melodic plucked crescendo, driven by long ambient lines. Everything jumps perfectly in a soft, clean but yet euphoric drop that guides you in a parallel universe. The journey continues with the breakdown that opens up the with even more melodic sound to finally reach the final part of its crescendo spiral.

Surely not over-heard vibes but something new, fresh and solid. ‘Every Atom Is Buzzing’ is just the first single of his upcoming EP. Planned for the upcoming months, the EP was equally made in the same search for sincerity and honesty, as an attempt to turn negative energy into positive inspiration. ‘Every Atom Is Buzzing’ is a clear example of this goal.

Furrer ‘Every Atom Is Buzzing’ is out now as an independent release. You can check below for the full stream or just follow this link.

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