Galestian presents melodic techno gem, ‘Temple of Healing’

With his most recent song, "Temple Of Healing," Galestian pays respect to Burning Man. It also features remixes by Da Fresh, ANMA, and other artists.


Healing and music go hand in hand. The relationship may be shown by how it improves people’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and social well-being. A few instances of music’s therapeutic power include the lowering of chronic pain, blood pressure, and symptoms of depression and anxiety. Galestian, a DJ and producer located in Berlin, excels in harnessing this force and dispersing it around the world, as is obvious while listening to his most recent song, “Temple Of Healing.”

Temple of Healing” is a melodic house/techno production written with clubs and dance floors in mind. It was inspired by the Temple at Burning Man, which means something different to everyone. Remixes include talented French artists ANMA and Da Fresh, German artists Starkato & Intaktogene, and Polyptych label head Michon. – Galestian

If you’ve never been to Burning Man, the Temple is a sacred area with healing energy for anyone seeking to contemplate, find answers, let go, and rejuvenate their condition. The Temple advocates neutrality and peace rather than recognizing any one faith. Naturally, this location would serve as the ideal inspiration for any artist, and Galestian pays tribute to it by creating a beautiful, uplifting soundscape and inviting a few pals to enhance the charm.

Each interpretation from the diverse producers Da Fresh, Starkato & Intaktogene, ANMA, and Michon adds something energizing and fresh, and with each example, listeners move closer to the dawn of their intrapersonal recovery. Along the journey, the body will feel revitalized as celebratory undertones encourage every muscle to operate at its best. The heart will be reinforced by powerful techno-leaning bassline pulses, imaginations will be exercised under the supervision of captivating melodies, and the body will feel renewed.