Galo debuts on Do Not Duplicate with ‘Get You Some’

Florida-based DJ and producer Galo debuts on Do Not Duplicate Recordings with sexy 2-track EP Get You Some / Where’s The Party

Galo’s “Get You Some” EP, an exciting audio rollercoaster, is unlike anything else ever heard before. It is bursting at the seams with constantly uncompromising energy. Galo continues to establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in the dance music industry, marking an exciting new chapter in his musical career. Listeners are given a tantalizing preview of what the up-and-coming artist has in store for the upcoming year as he offers yet another outstanding illustration of his outstanding production skills and contagious sound design.

The title track “Get You Some,” a vivacious offering with a propulsive drive and evocative ambiance, kicks off the 2-track EP. ‘Get You Some,’ the opening track on Galo’s extended player, audibly features a driving bassline, a sensual vocal cut that is both appealing and seductive, and four-on-the-floor tech-house beats.

Where’s The Party follows the same path as the title track adding a more distinctive hypnotic and techy beat, paired with infectious drums.

Both tunes are now available via Do Not Duplicate Recordings.