HarryKlein presents new melodic techno single ‘Die For You’


Madagascar-born and German-based DJ and producer HarryKlein presents his first 2022 single Die For You marking the fourth release since his debut.

Die For You mixes together dreamy melodic lines and techno hard beat, everything packed into a melancholic and gloomy main theme. It kicks off with a shady and deep arpeggio that rapidly flows through time and space. Despite its dark vibes, the record talks about courage and love. The long and nonstop percussions are the continued feelings of unconditioned passion and devotion. They evolve over time, changing shape, speed, and sometimes power, but they’re always there, even in the darker times.

Harry Steven Rajaonarivelo, aka HarryKlein, was born in Madagascar and he now lives in Germany. He started making music when he was 14 years old. He rapidly after started to produce music with FL studio and in 2021 released his first single on Spotify, Mountains.

HarryKlein Die For You is currently out now and you can stream and download it here or on Beatport.