Heliotype drops 4-track EP ‘Nightshifting’ on Armada

Heliotype kicks off 2022 with a house-packed 4-track EP on Armada, Nightshifting.

Kicking off the EP with Someone Like You, the track features the incredible vocal of Caty Battistessa. Catchy and housy vibes are packed with feeling-good and dreamy melodic lines for a summertime house banger. The non-stop beat and the techy percussions complete the incredible production. Following on the EP, Your Love introduces a wide and heavy bassline, on the same feeling-good rhythm. The romantic and kind of reflecting piano lines do the rest.

Find Yourself introduces a more mature house beat, with a hypnotic rolling rhythm and an incredible spoken vocal. Perfect for the most underground club and the late-night hours, the tune introduces raw sounds at the very end. Last but not least, Dream machine injects experimental and natural sounds to the EP. Romantic melodic vibes and cinematic harmonies create the perfect closing tune.

Heliotype’s Nightshifting EP has a sound and feels for every moment spent on the dance floor, with each track representing a different stage of a club night. This sonic quartet thoroughly touches on any clubber’s utmost desire, from the paradise-esque, vocal-infused opening track Someone Like You to the uplifting Your Love, the pump and energy of Find Yourself, and the ethereal Dream Machine.

Heliotype Nightshifting EP is out now on Armada.