Henry Carlin teams up with Sixth Sense for ’Move To The Sound’

Henry Carlin
Henry Carlin

Long time The Groove Cartel friend, Henry Carlin returns with an electrified progressive-electro banger, Move To The Sound, together with Sixth Sense.

If you’re not familiar with Henry Carlin, he buzzed around the groove house environment for years now. Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, he gained traction in 2018 with Frequency. Released on Groove Bassment, the tune amassed 150.000 Spotify streams going viral between groove house fans.

He’s now back with a synth-driven, almost techno, banger, together with Singapore-based DJ and producer Sixth Sense. The tune is packed with highly energetic beats and non-stop percussions. The hypnotic vocal loop gives character to the song. From the dark drop, the tune flows into a mysterious and mystical bassline that rapidly jumps again into another catchy and obscure second drop.

Revolution is a mind state. That becomes clear when a musician consistently releases unique material and refuses to conform to the rules of contemporary electronic music. When we hear the material Henry Carlin creates in the studio, it more than supports this hypothesis. His releases stand tall in the rosters of record labels like Universal, Armada, and In My Opinion, and the work he’s doing right now will shape dancefloors for years to come. Over the past few years, his tracks have moved audiences around the world through his sets and the support of many major artists.