Highly Sedated Corey James Anckarstrom SIZE Remix

‘Highly Sedated’ gets retouched by Corey James & Anckarstrom

Swedish electronica band Highly Sedated have recruited Corey James and Anckarstrom (aka Simon Garcés) to remix their self-titled single ‘Highly Sedated’ from their debut album, ‘All We Have Is Now’. The rework is due out on 22nd September via Steve Angello’s SIZE Records.

‘Highly Sedated’ gets retouched by Corey James & Anckarstrom

Utilising a thumping build-up, the ‘Highly Sedated’ remix showcases Corey and Anckarstrom’s progressive sound through a high-tempo rhythm, bringing a euphoric breakdown which echoes the work of SIZE boss Angello himself. Underpinning the original’s melancholic vocals, Corey and Anckarstrom’s vivid interpretation of the track brings an impressive dance element to the production.

Corey and Simon’s rendition of ‘Highly Sedated’ is not the first time the two have collaborated, with the duo also teaming up on three previous occasions, for remixes of Prok & Fitch’s ‘Walk With Me’, Funkerman’s ‘Speed Up’ and Sebjak’s ‘We Are’.

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