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How to Become a Successful Music Vlogger

Do you know how to build an audience on YouTube?

If you are confident with a camera and have a creative flair, you could follow in the footsteps of superstars like PewDiePie and DudePerfect and become a vlogger on YouTube.

It is, however, crucial to pick a niche and stick with it, as this could help you attract viewers in droves. If you love attending music events, reviewing songs and interviewing up-and-coming artists, you could have what it takes to earn a profit as a music vlogger.

Before you rush into creating your first video though, you must take the time to refine your content to generate many views online. Read the below advice on how to become a successful music vlogger.

Choose the Right Events to Cover

The type of artists, events and songs you will cover will determine your image online. It is, therefore, wise to consider who your target audience is and whether or not they’re active on YouTube. After all, there is no point in creating content for an audience that isn’t watching.
For example, if you love indie music, you would be smart to create vlogs dedicated to Glastonbury, Reading Festival or Latitude. You could, however, quickly lose your subscribers if you then start covering metal or electronic dance music festivals, such as Hellfest OpenAir or Tomorrowland.

Pick an Angle

Once you have identified your target demographic and specific niche, you must then pick an angle for your first video. For example, a subscriber might not be interested in watching about your time at Coachella, but you could grab their attention with behind-the-scenes footage or an interview with one of the artists or bands taking to the stage. It is, therefore, important to select a vlogging angle that will convince people to view your video and subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Dare to Be Different

YouTube reportedly boasted 23 million channels in 2018, so you can rest assured competition will be tough when attempting to become a vlogger. While it is imperative to find a niche and produce high-quality content, you also must regularly look for ways to improve your vlogging skills; for example, rather than simply talking to the camera, try something different and be original: adopt a signature style that grabs people’s attention, wear an outstanding piece of clothing… there are a million possibilities, just find one to represent you. Daring to be different could help you secure millions of subscribers and enjoy a rewarding career as a vlogger.

video gear
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Invest in High-Quality Equipment

Prove you’re a professional vlogger from your first video by investing in high-quality equipment. While producing exceptional videos can take time and hard work, the right equipment could help you to get off to a great start.

For instance, you will need:

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Tripod
  • Green screen
  • Lighting

While your first video might not be perfect, investing in the basics will be much better than filming a music event or an interview on your smartphone.

Find Advertising Opportunities

To turn your YouTube channel into a profitable career, you must incorporate advertising into your vlogs. Most famous vloggers tend to monetize their channels by using three different revenue avenues:

  • Advertising – ads will appear at the start, middle or end of your vlog, and you’ll receive a percentage for every ad a user chooses to view.
  • Sponsorship – once you have secured many subscribers, a business might be happy to pay you to feature their brand, product or service in one of your videos.
  • Affiliate marketing – you can link to a product or feature a promotional code in either the video or video description. Each time a user makes a purchase, you will receive a percentage of the order.

It is, however, important to note that you will need to secure thousands or millions of subscribers to turn a vlog into a career. On average, a vlogger will receive $3 per thousand views.

So, if you have a passion for music and are confident both behind and in front of a camera, you could soon enjoy a rewarding career as a music vlogger.