How to create promo videos for your socials with Editframe

Create complex videos for your social media campaigns without complicated softwares and editing skills thanks to Editframe


Create the most complete video for your social media campaigns (and more) in seconds with Editframe, meme maker and video tool.

Video content has become more and more popular in the creator-driven world for various reasons. Clever videos increase the interest in the fan, increase the engagement and help to spread information faster and more effectively.

Usually, creating this type of content is time-consuming and, in most cases, isn’t free. You need a video editing software and have the knowledge to use it but, what if there was an online service, completely free and easy that let you do all of this straight from the web?

We’re talking about Editframe, a relatively new service that lets you create video content in zero-time. Editframe is a simple tool where you add music to videos, gifs, and jpegs. The service is completely free to use but has some new premium features. There are no limitations on the number of videos you can create using the free version!

Create promotional content for your socials with Editframe

Editframe will let you add music to videos and images, add a progress bar or a waveform, add text, crop videos, and much more.

Editframe interface

Editframe already includes the most popular video formats for Instagram and Facebook use, as the 4:5 or 9:16 for Instagram stories.

With your free account, you can store on the platform up to 10 videos. They will be always available and downloadable as many time you want. Premium plans will let you know add more spaces to this video hosting solution and they let you create longer videos. You can try a Pro Plan for $ 4.99.

The service is already successfully used by Universal, Warnes, Netflix, Google and more. Give it a try – definitely worth it!

You no more need complicated software with hundreds of setting and infinite problems. you can now use Editframe online solution to create your professional videos on the go and without forgetting to copy them on your cloud solution. Try Editframe now following the link on top of this article.

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