In-DikA returns on Labo T with deep-melodic gem ‘Nexus/Real Light’


Having debuted on Labo T back in 2017, In-DikA returns on the French label with the 2-track EP Nexus/Real Light.

Nexus, the first track on InDikA’s new EP, is a dreamy record with a main cozy and textured arpeggio synthesizer in the foreground. By adding beautiful pads to the track’s background, Nexus connects cinematic harmonies to deeper and more mysterious sounds. Perfectly blending an intimate and soft synth-driven main theme with hypnotic and deep-oriented percussive rhythm, Nexus delivers an extraordinary soundscape for your ears.

Following there is Real Light, which features electronic synthesizers as well as electric guitar riffs. This track perfectly reflects In-DikA ‘s psyche-rock-influenced style. The tune keeps unaltered the main arpeggio creating a sort of connecting link between the two tunes.

Nexus/Real Light is full of lightness and will bring you some peace of mind. It is mystic, dreamy, and atmospheric for an extraordinary journey through your soul.

Both In-DikA’s Nexus/Real Light are now available via Labo T imprint; you can check the stream below or follow this link for the download.