IN/ROTATION’s ROTATE Compilation Celebrates 10th Release

Exploring the Diverse Sounds of IN/ROTATION's ROTATE Compilation Vol. 10: A Must-Listen for Electronic Music Fans


IN/ROTATION, the electronic dance music (EDM) label known for its boundary-pushing sounds, has recently released its 10th edition of the ROTATE compilation series. The ROTATE series features a collection of tracks from various artists, showcasing the label’s commitment to promoting emerging talent and diverse sounds within the EDM genre.

he latest compilation, which includes ten new tracks, features a range of styles and genres, from house to bass and everything in between. This release serves as a celebration of IN/ROTATION’s commitment to providing fresh and innovative music to its listeners. In this article, we’ll explore the latest ROTATE compilation and highlight some of its standout tracks.

The ROTATE compilation Vol. 10 includes a variety of tracks that showcase the diversity of IN/ROTATION’s sound.

IN/ROTATION’s ROTATE Vol. 10 in depth

Move For Me” by Carola featuring Libutti is a high-energy house track with a catchy electrified vocal hook, while “Focused” by TO BE HONEST is a minimal-Latin tune with a mesmerizing melody.

Zookëper‘s “I Wanna” is an upbeat and uplifting track that blends house and pop elements, and “Salsa” by Gianni Blu is a Latin-inspired dancefloor filler. “Accelerator” by Elternhouse is a bass-heavy track with intense drops, and “Honey On My Wrist” by Shelco Garcia & Teenwolf is a groovy house track with smooth plucked drums. “Supa Dupa Type” by Blank Sense, Dots Per Inch, and Coppa is a grime-influenced track with heavy beats and synth-driven harmonies, while “Ven Pa’ca” by Efren Valdivia is a tech-house banger with driving percussion and sexy vocals. ANATTA & RachEP‘s “Self Checkout” is a futuristic track with glitchy sound effects and a haunting atmosphere, and “Energy” by Digital Nature is a euphoric trance track with soaring melodies. Finally, “IDLY” by Fredy Lane is a dark and atmospheric track with a laid-back groove.

Overall, the ROTATE compilation Vol. 10 offers a diverse mix of styles and genres, making it a must-listen for fans of electronic dance music.

Download ROTATE 10th installment

IN/ROTATION’s ROTATE Vol. 10 is an impressive collection of tracks that showcases the label’s commitment to promoting innovative and diverse sounds within the electronic dance music genre. With its blend of house, bass, Latin, grime, and trance elements, the compilation offers something for every electronic music lover. The compilation’s ten tracks deliver high-energy beats, catchy hooks, and impressive production values, making it a must-listen for anyone looking to explore new sounds and discover emerging artists.