Incive’s Pulsating Melodic Techno Odyssey “Floating Through”

For music lovers, Incive‘s newest atmospheric masterpiece “Floating Through” is about to take you on a melodic dance journey through space like no other.

From the very beginning, pulsing beats and complex synthwork come together. They create an intergalactic journey that is both thrilling and relaxing. “Floating Through” builds like chapters in an interesting sci-fi story, which shows how well Incive knows how to make noises that tell stories.

The smooth mixing of ethereal atmospheres and glitched-out sounds makes for a unique listening experience that engages both the mind and the senses. Soaring melodic motifs create a deep sense of wonder and adventure, and the masterful building of tension leads to a stunning ending that will leave listeners speechless.

Even though the soundscape sounds like something from the future, Incive never loses sight of what melodic techno is all about. They find the perfect mix between stimulating the mind and making you groove. The song “Floating Through” is a great example of this balance; it combines a hypnotic beat with a soaring melody in a way that makes you want to think and move freely.

“Floating Through” is now out on the respected Gravity City Records label and can be heard on all major streaming services. Prepare to take off; you won’t want to miss this trip between the stars.