INESSA presents melodic techno gem ’In The Forest EP’

The 3-track EP includes, besides the title track, Wolf Spirit and Squirrels On Acid

Premiered by Club Mood Vibes, INESSA brand new 3-track EP In The Forest on Deep Tales, including the melodic single Wolf Spirit, is out now worldwide.

Kicking off with a mysterious and vague bassline, the non-stop beat flows seamlessly on top of these obscure and dark synth lines. The intimate vocal on the breakdown builds up the tension with hypnotic raw harmonies to rapidly jump into a shady but super catchy drop. Wolf Spirit immediately grabs your attention with its forward-moving pace, strange voices, and captivating melody. This song rapidly immerses you in this outstanding artist’s amazing sound universe.

Wolf Spirit is part of In The Forest EP which includes the EP’s title track and Squirrels On Acid as well. The album’s debut single, “In The Forest,” is a captivating song with a bouncing rhythm and lovely, light-hearted swirling melody that will quickly entice you into a dreamlike ride. Accented vocals are expertly combined with a happy percussion background, and mysterious ear candy is used throughout.

Her third song, “Squirrels On Acid,” is a true techno masterpiece that skillfully and elegantly wraps out this EP. Be prepared for this track to burn down club floors everywhere as proper acid melodies are mixed with fun and stinging percussions.

The artist: INESSA

INESSA, who is originally half Austrian and half Tunisian, has been in love with electronic music since a very young age. Due to her Tunisian ancestry and prior involvement in the scene mostly as a dancer, she places an emphasis on rhythm, beats, and a deep mood that is frequently backed with soft organic synths or other instruments. In the late 1990s, when Techno became a Movement with the Berlin Love Parade, she began to rave and ingest the music.

The artist considers herself to be a global citizen and finds great inspiration in both her travels and the people she meets along the way. During her education, she resided in Paris, London, and New York City. She started the label Leisure Music Productions while residing in Vienna, Austria. She is both a DJane and an organizer of different electronic events. She is especially drawn to the organic vibrations found in the electronic genres of Deep House, Progressive House, Deep Tech, Melodic Techno, and Afro House. Although her style might be characterized as very warm and deep, one thing is certain: she uses music as a way to communicate her passion of dancing and to take in all the beauty of life.

INESSA’s brand new Wolf Spirit is out now via Deep Tales as part of In The Forest EP.