Let’s talk about Jenia x Mr.Styles

Hey guys, how are you and how was your last year?

All good here, thnx. it’s been very creative, fun and a bit strange.

How did you two get together when did you start making music?

Separately we’ve been making music in projects and by ourselves for several years but together we started a year ago.

You are known as residents of Guaba club, do you have also another job in this club besides DJing? Something more behind the scene?

When you’re a part of Guaba you’re a part of everything that is Guaba. A bit more specifically Styles is in the artistic department that concerns artists & shows while Jenia has been a tremendous asset in the marketing department

This club is very popular. Do you have any particular idea why is this so?

Suppose it all starts with the owner. He’s one of the most passionate, driven, intelligent and hard-working person there is.

What does have this club prepared for the upcoming summer session 2017?

All in good time.

And how the scene works on the Cyprus? Is this music popular there?

It has a steady and good following for the size of the country.

In the last year, you released your music on labels like Size on Sosumi. Especially your track ‘IWI’ with That Matters on Size was very popular. Can you tell us more how this track was created?

We had in mind a specific feeling for the dancefloor that we wanted to get out there. Our collective musical experience and a lot of work & compromise did the rest.

Did you get some advice from Steve Angello or from Kryder?

On many subjects from music and the industry to girls 🙂

You are calling your style X-house. Do you have any particular reason why you chose this name?

X represents the unexpected. There is always a surprise. We don’t really conform musically so the best way to describe it without giving out any details was the X.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Years of crate-digging, listening to artists in many genres and we always listen to our instinct.

Do you like to explore new genres and styles?

Yeah, we refuse to get stuck and besides, there’s only good music, not a good genre.

Besides your famous ‘ID’ which is gaining a lot of attention, do you have another record in a sleeve for this year?

A few 🙂

We also know that you are working on a track together with Corey James. How this collaboration works so far?

Splendid. We had something really good on our hands when we approached Corey and his work gave it even a better edge!

What are your other plans for this year? Music, gigs, something exclusive or anything you’d like to share?

The only thing I can say is that we will definitely support those who have done so with us thus far and try to explore new options.

Would you give some advice to those who are now started in the world of music production?

Stay true to yourself and don’t give up!

Big thanks boys for the interview! Check out their top tracks: