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Junior Sanchez interview
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Let’s Talk about: Junior Sanchez and his almost 25 years in the industry

Junior Sanchez has been making waves with his eclectic and unpredictable palette of sounds and styles since 1994 being one of dance music's most prolific artists

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Born and raised in New Jersey, Junior Sanchez started his musical career in 1994 rapidly becoming one of the most in-demand DJs in the industry. With releases on some of dance music’s most established labels as well as a packed list of production remix credits for artists including Madonna, Gorillaz, Ariana Grande and more, Junior Sanchez has never failed to deliver the goods.

With a very prolific 2018 and 2019 that has seen him playing at Ultra Miami as well as Korea, Singapore and Croatia, we have reached Mr. Junior Sanchez for a couple of questions.

  • You started your career almost 25 years ago; how the scene is changed since then?

It’s changed a lot and mainly because of technology has exponentially shifted everything and of course, social media completely changes the dynamic of artists were in a culture where art takes a back seat to algorithms.

  • Your records have been released on the biggest music labels on the planet but, in 2013 you’ve found your own. Why have you decided to launch it and what’s the pro and cons of running a label?

No cons, all pros. Artists should have his or her own lane and path to releasing their content; it’s important now more than ever before.

  • Some years ago you released under a new alias, IMIURU. Why have you decided to launch this side project and what’s the musical difference between IMIURU and Junior Sanchez?”

IMURU is more of a real street IDGAF attitude with the music, kind of when I was a teenager lol.

  • As Junior Sanchez, you’ve always moved in the house-tech-groove environment. Have you ever produced something completely different and do you like to experiment in the studio?

There probably not any genre of music I haven’t produced, hmm ok I haven’t done reggae but I should lol, and yes I experiment all the time its part of my musical DNA.

  • You’re born in New Jersey but, over the years you’ve played festivals and clubs all over the world. How do you describe the dance culture between America, Europe, and Asia?

Ohh it’s different geographically but the same on a human level, just people wanting to be in the same frequency and vibe together at the end of the day. that’s 1 common factor in the entire world.

  • You have been a very important part since the launch of SIZE Records and, it’s also thanks to you if the label has evolved, especially during the ‘‘Swedish House Mafia golden era,’’ as one of the leading dance music labels of the time. Could you tell us more about the early years of the label and what happened next?

That would be a better question for Steve Angello, I came to help the label evolve during a time that EDM was very dominate and the house label he started I saw as going into a space that needed to 1 remain underground to a certain extent and also evolve with artists as an XL, or palaphone did during its early years as a label.

  • 2018 was a packed year for you; we have counted at least 20 releases with also an EP on Martin Garrix’s imprint STMPD. How have you managed to keep such a rhythm and in the meantime play around the world and manage a music label?

Focus and a lot of coffee, lol seriously just being very diligent in the studio I wake up whether its at home or abroad and I make music, I answer every email and really put the importance on the work ethic as #1.

  • In your career you’ve covered, I think, almost every aspect of the music industry business. In the last few years the problem of mental illness, especially in the music industry, has been brought to light. How do you balance all these things without turning crazy?

Not letting it gets into your head /Ego, also I try and stay very balances with health, eat well and clean, I don’t do drugs, I have a cocktail now and then stay relaxed and keep in mind that this is not the end of the world its music it should not be stressful. keep family first talk to friends a lot and stay very positive all that helps.

  • How would you describe Junior Sanchez’s future? More music and gigs, more works behind the scene or both?

all of the above – expect a full year of musical art and booties shaking on a dancefloor near you.

  • If you could give a piece of advice to you 20 years ago, what would it be?

Learn your craft, put in the time, research history, create your own sound print that will pave your own path ohh wait I did do that lol that advice I would give any kid today lol 20 years ago for me. buy some real estate junior lol

We would like to thanks Mr. Sanchez for answering our questions. Don’t forget to check Junior Sanchez releases and tour dates from the links below.

Connect with Junior Sanchez: Facebook Twitter Resident Advisor | Soundcloud

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