Let’s Talk About: Glowal

Stirring atmospherics, contagious rhythms, and emotive vocals: explore Glowal's musical journey

Get ready to be immersed in the world of Glowal, an artistic audio alliance between Italian producers Fabio Giannelli and Alessandro Gasperini. With their unique blend of stirring atmospherics, contagious rhythms, and emotive vocals, Glowal has quickly established themselves as a dynamic and forward-thinking duo in the electronic music scene.

In just a short time, Glowal has captivated the imaginations of electronic music lovers and influential tastemakers worldwide, earning them a dedicated global following. Their productions have graced renowned labels such as Afterlife, Innervisions, Diynamic, TAU, Sapiens, and many more, showcasing their diverse and innovative sound.

We set down with the duo for our Let’s Talk About interview series, where they share insights into their musical journey, creative process, and inspirations.

How did you first get interested in electronic music, and what led you to start producing and DJing?

For both of us, the introduction to electronic music came from the influence of our brothers. Alessandro’s brother was an event organizer while Fabio’s brother was an amateur DJ with a good collection of records. Moby, Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Richie Hawtin, Robert Miles, Carl Craig, and many more of these artists had a big influence on us.

How did you two meet and start working together as Glowal, and what was the creative process like in the beginning?

We met because of music in 2016. We were not thinking of becoming a duo at first.

We both had other projects before Glowal but after establishing mutual trust, and sharing ideological and artistic affinities we realized to be both at a point where we wanted and needed to start with something fresh and new,  and decided to join forces to create our new project.

Your music is known for combining stirring atmospherics, contagious rhythms, and emotive vocals. How do you approach incorporating these elements into your tracks and creating a cohesive sound?

Definitely prefer to let things happen organically, usually, it’s very important to build the core of the track with all the elements and after that; dive into arrangement and details while already working on the mixdown. In general, there’s not 1 specific formula for this.

You’ve released on some of the biggest labels in electronic music and played gigs across Europe, India, and the Middle East. How do you stay motivated and continue to evolve your sound and performances?

We are always searching for the next goals to reach 🙂

Your upcoming release on Impressum Recordings, “Open the Gate,” has already garnered big support from a range of artists. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration and creative process behind this track?

The main idea behind “Open The Gate” was to have a more hypnotic track to play in the peak time of our sets, something a little bit different and more minimalistic but still driving.

With so many successful releases under your belt, what have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a duo in the music industry, and how have you overcome them?

One of the most difficult times till now has been the COVID period for us, cause It came right after we were starting to tour as a new and fresh project, so we had to face a very hard time, but we are still here and more strong than before:)

Can you walk us through your typical studio setup and workflow when creating a new track?

We don’t have too many instruments on the table, just a midi keyboard, a NI Maschine for the drums, a microphone, an ableton push, a good soundcard and a good selectipn of vst and plugins. Workflow can change depending on the mindset but usually, as said before, we prefer to just let things flow as much as possible.

You’re scheduled to play at Zamna Barcelona and Extrema Outdoor 2023 in the coming months. What can fans expect from your live performances, and how do you prepare for these events?

We are very excited to take part in these events bringing our set, and we’ll make sure to bring something special for our fans.

You’ve played at a variety of venues and festivals around the world. Do you have any particular favorites or standout moments from your time on the road?

Very difficult to pick only one, cause every place has its own characteristic, sometimes Is the big place that Is good cause it’s a bang, and sometimes Is the more intimate atmosphere that makes it special. We enjoy what we do almost everywhere and we like to party also, quite everywhere:)

How do you approach crafting a setlist for a specific event, and what do you take into consideration when choosing tracks to play?

Actually, we don’t really prepare playlists, aside from our own tracks we pick the music that we like and put it on our USB sticks divided by periods, then we decide on the moment what to play. We like to look at the people and dance with them trying to create a kind of connection and exchange, it’s definitely our fuel during the set.

Do you have any rituals or pre-show routines that help you get in the right headspace for a performance?

Good question, usually we like to arrive sometime before our set to absorb a bit of the energy of the night and get in the mood while drinking something and meeting people, it’s the first point of connection.

Can you give us any hints about your upcoming projects or collaborations that you’re excited about?

Coming next we have a release on BOg’s Atlant that will feature a great Brina Knauss Remix. After that we have a new EP coming on Anjunadeep and a collaboration with 8Kays on Watergate. Next to these new originals we also have two new remixes for Mia Mendi and Edone dropping very soon:)

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