Let’s Talk About: Woo York

Exploring the World of Techno and Beyond with Ukrainian Live Act Duo Woo York

Woo York
Woo York

Woo York is a Ukrainian Live Act duo that has been making waves in the electronic music scene with their unique blend of techno and other genres. With the recent release of their debut Samum EP on Watergate Records, Woo York has proven that they are a force to be reckoned with.

We had the opportunity to sit down with the duo and talk to them about their music, their inspirations, and their vision for the future.

We will delve into our interview with Woo York and learn more about their creative process, their musical influences, and what sets them apart in the industry. Whether you’re a die-hard techno fan or just curious about the world of electronic music, this interview with Woo York is sure to be an insightful and fascinating read.

Interview with Woo York: Exploring the Creative Vision And Beyond of the Ukrainian Live Act Duo

How did you first get interested in techno music?

Do you know the feeling of sharing a collective experience through music? There is a united energy when a group of people comes together on the dance floor. That feeling got us into electronic music after we first visited a club. The energy of the crowd, the mesmerizing beats, and the magic that DJs create on the dance floor was something that truly fascinated us. From that moment on, we knew that it was something that we wanted to explore more deeply. The feeling of being on the same wave with everyone, enjoying every second, is a feeling that we will never forget and are lucky enough to repeat every time we perform. The power and ability of music to transport people to a different state of mind is what continues to draw us towards it, and inspires us to create our own unique sound.

Can you tell us about your creative process when producing music?

Our creative process is probably very unique, due to the fact that we are two people. We always work together exchanging ideas which makes it possible to bring different perspectives to the table and each track has something from both of us.  Even though the creative process is constantly evolving, we usually start with a basic idea or concept and then build upon it. We use a variety of hardware and software tools to create sounds and then we arrange them into a composition. When the mix is ready we usually leave it to cool down for a few weeks, then revisit it do changes if we feel they are needed and then another iteration until we are fully happy with the result.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

We have many musical influences, but some of our biggest inspirations come from the early techno pioneers like Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills, and Robert Hood, and also dub stuff like Basic Channel. We also draw inspiration from other genres like ambient, classical, and experimental music. Other than that, we have been huge fans of the early works of Paul Kalkbrenner, especially his eternal Berlin Calling album.

How has the techno scene evolved since you started producing music?

Since we started producing electronic music, we’ve seen the techno scene evolve in many different ways. One of the most significant changes has been the rise of technology and social media, which has allowed artists to connect with fans and spread their music globally more easily than ever before. We’ve also seen a greater diversity of sounds and styles within the techno genre, with more artists experimenting with different elements and incorporating influences from other genres. Additionally, the rise of festivals and large-scale events has transformed the way people experience techno music, with more emphasis placed on immersive production, lighting, and visual effects. Overall, we believe that the techno scene will continue to evolve and adapt as technology and culture change, but at its core, it will always remain a genre that’s rooted in community, energy, and innovation.

Chasing The Dream was your debut album and received critical acclaim upon its release. Can you describe the creative process behind the album and how it differs from your EPs and singles? How was working with Tale Of Us’ Afterlife?

Chasing The Dream” was a very special project for us. It was our first full-length album, and also the first album ever released on Afterlife. We wanted to create something that would showcase our range as artists. The creative process involved a lot of experimentation and exploration, trying out different sounds and styles until we found the right balance. Working with Tale Of Us’ Afterlife was an amazing experience, they gave us complete creative freedom to do what we wanted and we learned a lot from collaborating with them.

What do you consider to be the most challenging aspect of producing music?

The most challenging aspect of producing music is probably the endless possibilities. With so many different sounds and techniques available, it can be difficult to know when to stop and how to focus your creative energy. It’s also challenging to stay true to your artistic vision while still being open to new ideas and trends.

Can you describe your live performance setup and how it has evolved over time?

What started out with just a laptop and some MIDI controllers, turned into a much more complex setup that includes hardware synthesizers, drum machines, and sequencers over the years. We also use some effects pedals and processors to add texture and depth to our sound. We used to mix everything out of the box on a Midas240 mixer, but with experience and a lot of time on the road touring it became clear that this is something that creates a lot of additional problems for promoters as well as us. Thus, now everything is summed in the box and we just send the master to the FOH.

How do you approach collaborating with other artists?

When collaborating with other artists, we try to keep an open mind and be respectful of each other’s ideas and perspectives. We usually start by sharing some basic ideas and sketches, and then build upon them together. Communication is key, and we try to stay in touch throughout the process to make sure everyone is happy with the direction we’re heading in.

You’re both Ukrainian; How did the war affect you personally and as musicians?

The situation in Ukraine is undoubtedly a challenging and heartbreaking one. As artists and as Ukrainians, our attachment and affinity towards our homeland is both: fundamental and heartfelt. It is incredibly difficult for us to see our country and our fellow citizens being torn apart by this terrible war Russia started against our country, against Ukrainians, and against humanity.

Andrii, in particular, lost his home during the first days of war. It was captured and looted by Russians, and we can only guess what would happen if he did not evacuated just hours before it happened. Luckily, his city was liberated by Ukrainian forces after a few months of occupation, but it’s been a deeply traumatic experience for him and his family, and it’s something that we continue to grapple with, even now.

As individuals, we’ve been doing what we can, to support those affected by the situation. We’ve been donating to charities and organizations that are working on the ground to provide relief and support to those in need. We’ve also been using our platform as artists to raise awareness about the situation and encourage others to get involved and help in any way they can.

As Ukrainian artists, we stand in solidarity with our fellow citizens and their struggle against the aggression and violence that Russia has unleashed upon our country. We firmly believe that our art should not be used to promote or normalize the actions of a country that has violated our sovereignty and committed human rights abuses.

Therefore, we do not accept offers from festivals or clubs that include Russian artists in their line-up. It is a matter of principle for us to use our platform to raise awareness and support for our country, and we refuse to participate in events that feature artists who support a country that has caused so much harm to Ukraine.

We believe that by taking a position in this way, we can send a powerful message to the world about the importance of solidarity and standing up against aggression and injustice. We hope that our actions inspire others to do the same and that together, we can create a world where peace and respect for human rights are the norm.

We believe that it’s essential to use our art and our voice, and we’re committed to do everything we can do to support our fellow Ukrainians during this arguably the most devastating war since World War II.

We want to thank Woo York for taking the time to sit down with us for this interview and share their insights into the world of electronic music. Their passion for their craft is evident in their music, and it’s clear that they have a bright future ahead of them.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out their latest release, the Samum EP, which is now available on Watergate Records.

With its hypnotic rhythms and ethereal melodies, it’s the perfect showcase of Woo York‘s unique sound and style. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented duo, and we’re excited to follow their journey as they continue to push the boundaries of electronic music.