Let’s talk about Divolly & Markward

Divolly & Markward interview

This Friday we have joined the Code Red x ADE party and we had the honor to meet these two amazing new talents from Serbia, Divolly & Markward.

We have asked them a couple of questions and this is what they have told us.

At the end of the article, you can find also the highlights of their set and some of their tracks.

Hi guys, let’s talk about yourself. You came from Serbia, not really famous for EDM. Why did you decide to produce music?

We fall in love with this drummy percussion stuff and everything went with the flow and after that, it just happened

What is the track that makes you most proud?

Sicario for sure

We have listened to your last track on Code Red Records, Batucada in collab with Drop Department, we love the groove on the drop, gave us that feeling. Let’s talk about the track. How the idea is born?

We have started it from the percussion. We have decided to work a lot on percussion because it gave that movement to the whole tune. Also, the vocal gives more human to the track. The interesting thing for producers is that we have busted the percussion 20dB on the low-end.

We have seen that you have release also a sample pack.

Yeah, we have sampled stuff from ours track like kick, snare, percussion, and everything that is stamped for our production. We want to help the young producers to achieve the sound we have.

What’s your plan for the future?

Go in the studio and work a lot!

Here it is the highlights and a couple of tracks by the duo: