thomas feelman interview
thomas feelman interview

Let’s Talk About: Thomas Feelman

Our interview series continues with one of France’s finest EDM producers, Mr. Thomas Feelman. Fresh from a release on the prestigious Size Records, the Parisien will talk to us about his roots, his music, and much more.

Salut Thomas! Would you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi! My name is Thomas Feelman, I’m a 25-year-old DJ & Producer from Paris, France. My real name is Thomas Palcoux, and I’m a sound engineer at Eurosport.

When did you start your career as a music producer, and what brought you to do that?

When I was a child, my brother introduced me to dance music giving me all his CDs from Scooter, Thunderdome, 2 Unlimited, Cappella, E-Type… And one day he told me: “You love dance music so much, but don’t you think it could be even better to produce it than just listen to it? ” Those few words changed my life!

I started producing music back in 2006 during my lost hours after school on Ejay Techno 5, but I seriously started under the Thomas Feelman project in 2011.

Which artist influenced you the most?

In the beginning, Joachim Garraud inspired me a lot. But more recently, SHM members became a big influence!

Your latest release is “Never Stop” on Size Records. Would you like to tell us something about this track’s birth and development?

Never Stop” came just after we finished working on Whisper. Teamworx sent me a rough idea on which STV and I started to work. After some exchanges of exports, I put the final touches and did the mixdown to have the results we all know today.

You had already collaborated with Teamworx before “Never Stop”, with “Whisper” on Fonk Recordings. Can we expect the third track?

Working with Ben & Saar was so much fun and I’m so happy with the result we had on “Whisper” and “Never Stop”. But we each have our own project to focus on. So there is no third track on work now. But who knows what could happen in the future…

What kind of gear do you use in your studio?”

I use Logic Pro X running on an iMac 27”. I have a very old audio interface Cakewalk UA 101 combined with a pair of Yamaha HS 80M and an AKG C214 (microphone).

What do you think of the current French musical scene?

The French musical scene is full of talents. I’m so glad to be part of it! Artists like Daft Punk, Justice or David Guetta give us roots we can be proud of.

You’re one of the artists signed at EWO Agency, what are your thoughts about the other artists (RavenKis, Antoine Delvig…)?

To be honest with you, my manager Mael Storm is the best to get your music signed. He started from nothing 3 years ago, and now he signs deals with labels like Size, Axtone, Spinnin or even Mau5trap. I’m very proud to be part of EWO. All the guys in the agency are on fire at the moment. We are all friends and we help each other a lot.

You can pick your favorite artist for a collaboration: who do you choose?

That’s a tough question! Hmm… Think I would choose Steve Angello and Axwell! I would love to spend a day in the studio with them. There are geniuses, I’m sure I could learn a lot.

Thanks guys for having me on this interview!

Big thanks to Thomas and his manager Mael for the time they dedicated to us. Follow Thomas Feelman on Facebook, Instagram and SoundCloud.