Breakfast Club
Breakfast Club

Mysterious Italian group Breakfast Club debuts with melodic techno gem ‘Hydra’

‘Hydra’ is the first of seven singles showcasing Breakfast Club’s unique analogue driven melodic techno, and dedicated to villains of all shapes and sizes.

Hydra is the debut single of Breakfast Club, a brand new Italian electronic group covered with an aura of mystery.

Since the launching of the blog we have always featured up and coming artists; as soon as the music is good, we don’t actually care who you are. This is the case of Breakfast Club, a newly created music group that defines itself as “shrouded in mystery, BC is equal parts evil organization and progressive house nerds“.

Their first release is Hydra, a mix of progressive elements and melodic techno sounds that perfectly collide together creating such a unique production. Hydra comes out October 8th via BonFire Records’ WildFire Imprint and it’s part of a 7-track series release on the label. As the group explained to us, Breakfast Club is launching their nefarious schemes with a series of seven singles on WildFire. Each single is dedicated to a famous evil genius or master of darkness.

Talking about the tune, Hydra kicks off with deep and dark ambient sounds, perfectly merged with a super clean and minimal beat. The wide baseline contrasts with the top melodic-synth driven the main theme creating a perfect feeling of yin and yang. The breakdown opens up with cinematic and lo-fi melodies to drop again in a melodic-minimal second section. Featuring minimal production that accentuates the darkness lurking in negative spaces. Hydra is perfect for late-night drives, dark clubs, and gaming.

Out now via BonFire Records’ WildFire Imprint, the tune is available for the download here or below.