James Harcourt presents 4-track EP ‘Regenerate’ on Traum

James Harcourt

All the way from the UK, Dj and producer James Harcourt present his 4-track EP Regenerate out now on Traum.

Chill, hypnotic and relaxing vibes, this is what Regenerate is all about. Kicking off the EP with Within Motion featuring the outstanding vocal by ASYN, the EP starts slow and intimate, with soft arpeggio and minimal beats. The soothing electronic main theme perfectly flows through the track, paired with an incredible feeling of freedom and airiness. ASYN, a South African vocalist whose angelic vocals add a dazzling and charmingly light touch to the track.

Things are more electronic in Amnesiac with a mix of narcotic and airy lines backed up by a clean and tidy beat. The EP goes deep and dark but it keeps the relaxing feeling of the beginning. Oresund Funk goes even more mysterious, with its techno and electronic synth-driven main theme. The plucked melody and hypnotic beat merge on the ethereal breakdown.

Last but not least, the EP title track, Regenerate adds pure electronic vibes to the EP. With the minimal and clean beat paired with consistent melodic vibes, the EP ends in an idyllic place where emotional sounds and passionate soundscape collide for a loving closing.

James Harcourt 4-track EP Regenerate is out now worldwide via Traum label. Download the tune here or check below for the stream.