Jax Jones & Au/Ra ‘I Miss U’ receives fantastic bootleg by Pringy

With almost 50 million streams, Jax Jones & Au/Ra I Miss U has become a real hit; now, Liverpool-based DJ and producer Pringy has decided to give his own spin to the record.

You surely have heard at least one time the original mix; the iconic Au/Ra vocal and the legendary bubbling baseline make I Miss U one of the most recognizable house-radio tunes of last year. Focused on the radio play, the original mix lacks a bit of the dancefloor-club factor and this is where it comes into play Pringy with his bootleg.

The rolling beats have been reinvented adding wider and more powerful kicks; the track feels bigger and more robust thanks to a faster and less “relaxing” main theme. The iconic vocal has been kept unaltered but this new spin of rumbling percussions has definitely added more thickness to the original mix.

Focused on the housy and groovy scene, Pringy has recently released What’s Wrong on 13 Records. Packed with hypnotic beats and mesmeric baseline, Pringy signature sound is something you’ll love. Keep an eye on the artist for future releases; we’re sure he won’t disappoint.

In the meantime, you can hear Pringy’s bootleg of Jax Jones & Au/Ra I Miss U below.