Jude & Frank and ATCG team up for ‘La Tarde’

Jude & Frank

La Tarde, a brand-new song by the Latin Tech House music band Jude & Frank and Italian-born singer AtcG, is unquestionably one of the greatest singles in the genre thus far in 2022. The celebratory mood of the groovy and melodious melody readily infiltrates the listener’s brain and seizes control of the body and emotions.

Jude & Frank is one of the projects that most adeptly understands and incorporates Latin American folk music into Tech House; earlier in 2022, the project managed to astound everyone with the gigantic collaboration with HUGEL & Twolate on the song “La candela viva.” And even before that, the artist’s previous collaborations with some of the top vocalists and musicians from all across South America and the Caribbean islands served as a wonderful example of his or her understanding and admiration of the local way of life. The easiest way to sum up this type of music’s basic atmosphere is to say that it’s never sunny, but it’s always warm and passionate.

The lush and expansive voices of Jude & Frank and AtcG‘s La Tarde make an impression right from the beginning, setting the tone for the rest of the song. Although they have a gentle tone, they are a sledgehammer when it comes to engaging the listener in the tune. It’s one of the rare occasions when the producers are able to make a vocal- and melody-focused piece work without the audience feeling coerced into it by an excessively catchy, earworm-style hook.

Of course, discussing the brand-new Jude & Frank and AtcG song would be incomplete without bringing up the chorus. From the very first seconds of the song, there is a foreshadowing of something this appealing, yet when the chorus does finally appear, it still manages to leave an impression. Jude & Frank and AtcG allowed the song’s instrumental section to serve as the foreground. Most of the intricacies begin to stand up when the listener is already familiar with the tune from a few listening, aside from the aspects of wall-shaking bass and flamenco guitar. However, La Tarde’s beat would not have smacked as hard without these exquisite additions by the two Italian musicians.