Julian Wassermann

Julian Wassermann drops ‘Mute’ EP on Sinners

Julian Wassermann, a Munich-based producer with releases on Watergate, Stil vor Talent, and Suara, joins the Sinners journey with his recently forged “Mute” EP.

Mute‘ is a song that will surprise you since its beautiful chord progressions will be with you the entire time. Julian Wassermann was aware that his goal was to ruin the listener’s experience and make him wait while the climb was resurrected. This voyage has a dreamy air to it thanks to his original method of recording jams before building the arrangement.

With its deep techno groove, ‘Aftertouch‘ brings things to a close and nudges us back into a more conscious realm.

As it goes on, a fresh, comforting mood develops until the drop jolts us awake with these unexpected faults.

About the artist: Julian Wassermann

Julian Wassermann’s musical career practically fits under the heading “Surreal.” The producer from Munich is presently regarded as one of the best in the fields of deep techno and melodic house. Wassermann made a lasting impression on audiences as a permanent DJ at Harry Klein in Munich and made several appearances in clubs like Watergate in Berlin as well as at festivals like Pleinvrees in Amsterdam and SEMF in Stuttgart. With his top 10 single “Gotland” (2019), Julian also made his international breakthrough.

One of the most well-known labels in the world, “Kompakt” (Speicher), published the techno single. The project was developed with Berlin-based Florian Kruse. Even industry titans like Adam Beyer, Tale of Us, Kölsch, and Joris Voorn were able to tell that “Gotland” fit well in their sets. Other releases were also very successful -“Surreal”, for example, already counts more than 2 million spotify streams and was among others in the playlist of Deadmau5.