Koltbach and Leandrul team up for ‘Eos’


German producer Koltbach teams up with American singer Leandrul for dreamy and romantic new single Eos.

Delivering nothing but feeling good vibes and relaxing harmonies, Eos is the perfect tune when it comes to connecting with your inner self. Named after the Greek goddess of dawn, the song encapsulates everything this mythological figure represents. The track welcomes the listener to a new day, bringing hope and well-being for the day to come.

Vast view, rich colours, beautiful light, fresh air. Incredible place. Happy people, smiling, having a real good time. Fancy clothes, fabulous equipment. The sky’s the limit; on a page of a glossy. A yen for venture in the wilderness of our minds…

Jan-Christian Groth alias Koltbach is an acoustic-electro artist whose music thrives on minimalist musical gestures and unconventional arrangements. It often has a meditative, cinematic atmosphere and narrative character.

He focuses on programmed tracks and sculpted sounds combined with live recorded acoustic instruments. Koltbach originally started out with classical guitar and plays various other instruments such as piano, bass guitar, drums, and percussion.

Mainly inspired by the unique and soulful neoclassic-electro-scene around Berlin and Iceland, he lives right in between these two regions in northern Germany. For years he played with several bands as a live musician (including a period of time with Nils Frahm in his early days), was a student of the Brazilian grandmaster, musician, and composer Dudu Tucci, and studied music at the Humboldt University of Kiel, teaches music at a secondary school close to Hamburg and composes as an independent artist.