LF-Flo presents his new ethereal journey with ‘Saturno’


Hamburg-based DJ and producer LF-Flo drops his brand new single, an ethereal and melodic journey called Saturno.

You may already understand from the title the inspiration that has driven LF-Flo to write the track. Mysterious soundscapes are the background to hypnotic melodies and deep lines. The progressive arpeggio that flows together with the soothing percussions creates a sense of depth and mystery that pervades the entire track. Sonic melodies and dreamy harmonies drive the listener into a not well-defined word letting you lose yourself in infinity thanks to the music

Saturno marks the fourth release in 2021 for LF-Flo. As you may have understood from the sound of Saturno, his music is inspired by progressive vibes through ethereal, cascading, and hypnotic beats, soaring between melodic techno and progressive house. A blend between genres that you’ll definitely love.

The tune is available via Spotify and Soundcloud; you can check below for the stream.