LF-Flo presents first tune of 2022 ’Sent’

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All the way from Hamburg, Germany, LF-Flo presents his firs installment of 2022: Sent.

A mix of dreamy and ethereal lines, paired with mysterious beats and hypnotic percussions, Sent guides you into a new dimension. Soft and intimate arpeggios drive the main piano theme that opens up into a series of cinematic lines before dropping in one of its kind drop. Sent could be really used as the soundtrack of a movie. The nostalgic and intangible vibes flow together with a lam but neat rhythm creating an extraordinary feeling-good theme.

LF-Flo has an outstanding 2021 with a great number of ten releases in less than a year. We featured later last year Saturno as well as his debut EP in 2019 EiszeitThe EP was a dedication to a better climate, for the world and dance floors alike.

LF-Flo’s sound is a progressive journey through ethereal, cascading, and hypnotic beats, soaring between melodic techno and progressive house.

You can stream LF-Flo Sent here or below; he also released a brand new single just yesterday, Impf.