Live Streaming Continues to Be a Win-Win for Music Festivals and across Entertainment

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Some of the biggest music festivals in the world have put out live streams of parts of their events for a good decade, mostly to markets where broadcast rights don’t interfere. Over the last few years, many artists had to turn to live streaming, and it proved to be quite a successful endeavor.

Solo artists also got in on the game, with the Post Malone x Nirvana live-streamed concert from the artist’s home being one of the standouts of 2020. With watching live acts through streams suddenly becoming the norm, when the massive events kicked up again, they found themselves with hefty online live audiences besides the in-person crowds.

Live stream alongside the main event to continue

In 2020, one of the biggest music festivals in the world, Tomorrowland, staged its own Around the World digital festival. It drew in over one million viewers from Japan to Mexico and Iceland. The showrunners had four green screen studios dotted around the world to host 60 artists over the two weeks, and it made a return in 2021.

While the summer edition’s line-up has been announced, which included Afrojack, Claptone, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Don Diablo, Hardwell, Lost Frequencies, Martin Garrix, and Meduza, it’s unclear if a fully-fledged digital festival will also be taking place. It seems unlikely, but the whole event will almost certainly be live-streamed on One World TV via the festival’s app and website.

Aside from festivals taking it upon themselves to livestream segments or the entirety of their festivals to online audiences, there are now more dedicated platforms than ever to provide the service. One of the best for this is eMusic Live, which is regularly staging live-streamed concerts on its platform. Hangout Music Fest 2022 was live-streamed to the platform, and its past performances include Post Malone, Shaggy, Fall Out Boy, Halsey, and The Veronicas.

Live streams continue to empower entertainment

While it’s not the same as being at an event in person, live streaming certainly helps to bridge the gap and improve the ever-convenient experience of online entertainment. It’s being deployed by more and more innovative brands to enhance the fun factor,.

Even experiences that you would think have to be enjoyed in person have taken to live streaming to reach a wider audience and offer something unique online. Escape Live is a prime example of this. Its live games include virtual escape rooms, which take place over 60 minutes and are played in groups via the live video app Zoom.

Geography and finances will always restrict millions of people from going to the music events that they want to attend, just as it does many different kinds of live entertainment experiences. So, promoting live-streaming channels is a win-win for event hosts and the audience.