Loingsigh Myths & Guides
Loingsigh Myths & Guides
Loingsigh Myths & Guides

Loingsigh drops melodic-techno single ‘Myths & Guides’

Loingsigh, a Scottish producer, offers a masterclass in emotive, developing, and epic melodic techno with the new single, Myths & Guides.

To ensure that Myths & Guides produces music that you can lose yourself in, whether on the dance floor or outside under the stars, organic influences coexist with space-age textures, synthetic growls, hypnotic arps, and beautiful sonic landscapes.

The tune gradually evolves from mellow pads and sophisticated percussion parts into something darker and nearly possessed. As they join forces with a plethora of snarling motifs, this spellbinding Gaelic mythology-inspired tale keeps us enraptured and entertained for the duration.

Loingsigh deftly combines a potent concoction of aural elements into a primal form of sound enchantment. The composition is intricately built with an eye toward the future and a foot firmly planted in the past. The drop comes to a dramatic conclusion as the hook makes a comeback, packing a powerful last cinematic blow.

If you like the sounds of Tibetica, Songuara, This Never Happened, or TRYBESof, pick up this track to generate a festival buzz or an entry to a club during the witching hour.

Loingsigh’s Myths & Guides is out now for free.