A look behind the scenes: Experience

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As the Groove movement is growing very fast a lot of new related events are born. This is the main  point of this new section. We want bring you with us, behind the scenes, to make yourself known how an event born, from the idea to the final implementation.

As first ‘guest’ we went to interview a well known Italian company, called ‘Experience’, that provides amazing event in the Italian North-East.


Hi guys, let’s start from the beginning, what ‘Experience’ is and how was it born?

Experience is a musical event brand, operating in Vicenza’s area for over 4 years. Our main goal has always been highlight the musical quality over everything which led us to achieve many personal objectives that we set.
The common goal is to educate our customers, musically speaking, driving out the “bad” trends that have taken the clubs in recent times.

I understand that now you have years of experience in this area but it is only in recent times that you are trying to bring guests with a certain type of music. Why this choice?

After hosting many Italian artists, from Merk & Kremont to Marnik, Nari & Milani, Drop, Lush & Simon, on December 23rd, we have decided to move on the international field. From Dzeko & Torres authors of the hit “L’Amour Toujours”, the British Harrison DJ/producer and singer from our last event with Florian Picasso 38th on the Dj Mag Top 100, ‘Experience’ has created an important fan base on which we can rely on. Thus the decision to push on artists slightly more niche, a bit for personal pride and a bit to attract even the most enthusiastic clients in the sector.

You have events with artists very dear to us as Third Party, Chocolate Puma and now Corey James. What was the public response?

With Third Party, who returned to Italy after three years, the public response was much more important to expectations, with people coming from all the major Italian cities. Thus the decision to continue on this path hosting Chocolate Puma for their second date in Italy and then Florian Picasso, newly elected 38th in the world and universally recognized as the next “big”. Although, with a slightly changed musical genre than the classic line of ‘Experience’, the public response has made us proud of our choices.

Let’s talk for a moment of the event with Corey James, perhaps the artist more niche you’ll suggested. Why you have choose him?

We propose Corey James, artist unknown to the mainstream public, to continue in our “music educational campaign” education, and, at this time, probably, there would be no better artist to be presented. It is a great challenge, but we are proud to be the first in Italy to host him and we are very excited ahead for January 28th!

We can only imagine how difficult it is to organize these kinds of events, especially in Italy where the demand of the public, in most cases, embraces the mainstream. What prompted you, say so, to make this bet?

What drives us is the desire to be different from all the other events in the area. ‘Experience’ is an event totally based on musical quality, attention to details in the production-level and professionalism in all its aspects.

Now from club nights and true musical events you have suggested and organized everything, what can we expect for the future?

Using a metaphor, we can say that we will close the season with fireworks. We are sure that if we reach the confirmations of the case, we will surprise again all sector operators! For the summer, however, we are organizing the first ‘Experience’ summer tour and we can only say to stay connected and continue to follow us because we have many new features to reveal!

Thanks to the guys from ‘Experience’ for their time. If you’re in the zone you can join Corey James’ event following this link

Below you can see the Third Party’s aftermovie