LP Giobbi and Sofi Tukker talk about their collab ‘If Love Is A Skill’

LP Giobbi
LP Giobbi

This stripped-down track If Love Is A Skill, which features LP Giobbi on grand piano and Sophie Hawley-Weld (SOFI TUKKER) on vocals, presents LP Giobbi and SOFI TUKKER in a highly intimate environment and provides a change of pace from their frequent energizing live performances.

If Love Is A Skill the brand new single by LP Giobbi featuring Sofi Tukker

With each iteration, LP Giobbi and Sophie are able to reveal more and more layers of meaning from a single word (“If love is a skill / Let me practice on you / If love is a skill / I’ve got so much work to do”). The partnership also symbolizes a turning point in their long-standing friendship and their joint successes in artistic and commercial endeavors, most notably in their diverse label/publishing house/collective Animal Talk.

LP Giobbi

I’m the kind of artist that has to grind tooth and nail to get something good. Who sits with a loop throwing things in and out until FINALLY (and sometimes never) it starts working. Watching Sophie work is a whole other experience. The music comes THROUGH her and she is so grounded and ready to catch it and be its conduit that it flows with such raw intensity catapulting through her. From day one with them my wins have always been their wins and their wins have always been my wins. They gave me the biggest gift you can give anyone: full belief. They truly thought I could do whatever I wanted to do so I had no choice but to believe that myself. – LP Giobbi

Sofi Tukker

When I heard this track, I literally jumped out of my chair and begged, please let me just throw something down. I had just been journaling on the plane about the concept of love being a skill that you can develop and get better at. An action and not a destination. A verb and not a noun. I had been feeling like I was failing at this skill, and it gave me hope to think of it as a muscle I could build to be stronger. So I just went into the vocal booth and riffed on this phrase over and over again like a mantra. It was raw and imperfect (just like love is) and there was only one take. Working with LP is always effortless and random. She is our best friend and music is the by-product of our friendship. We are honored to be a part of this song and her album. Her career blossoming is one of the most fulfilling things we’ve gotten to be a part of in our lives. If love is a skill, we are grateful to get to practice it with LP. – Sofi Tukker

Light Places‘ is LP Giobbi’s upcoming album to be released 12 May 2023 on Counter Records.