Maicol MP

Maicol MP drops raw techno single ‘Dallenek’

The next Terranova Records EP has mysterious and deep energy. The three-track EP is fronted by label veteran Odagled and features two original tracks from creative producers as well as a stylish dubbed-out remix from Maicol MP. This is “Dallenek” and will land this summer.

The album’s title track, “Dallenek,” takes us on a lengthy and meandering journey through shifting shades of darkness. The upbeat breakdown encourages additional daydreaming before bringing you back to the present moment. Odagled’s intelligent music is ideal for smoke-filled gatherings that last all night. The dub reconstruction from Maicol MP chugs in a forward motion thanks to its enormous kick, mechanical beeps, and bleeps that whirr heavily throughout changing the dynamic away from the original, combined with the unconventional pads which make this a stand-out track.

The EP’s final track, “Powered,” has a terrific groove that uses dusty drums and appealing synths to create a piece that simmers from beginning to end and is ready to set a certain vibe on the dance floor.

Terranova are a seemingly unstoppable force in recent times, with each and every release receiving support across the board from a host of the most discerning names in the realms of melodic and techno. A company founded on an unadulterated passion for music, never afraid to release music that deviates from the mainstream.