Marcel van Houte
Marcel van Houte

Marcel van Houte, Pascal Feliz and Nenes drop ‘Platinum’

It took some time, but “Platinum,” the enormous smash by Nenes and Pascal Feliz, finally received a great remix! This upbeat song combines trance and techno elements to provide a danceable and immersive vibe.

Listeners are guaranteed to get up and move to the song’s pounding beat and throbbing synths. “Platinum” is a certain success with infectious and enduring tunes that will have fans dancing in no time.

This track features driving beats, pulsing basslines, and soaring synth melodies that create an electrifying atmosphere. Platinum builds gradually, with a mesmerizing trance-inspired introduction that gradually gives way to an explosive techno drop. The energy is relentless, with a relentless rhythm that will have you moving on the dancefloor. The blend of trance and techno elements creates a sound that is both danceable and immersive, drawing you into its hypnotic beat and sweeping you away on a journey through sound.

Platinum” is merely the most recent demonstration of Marcel van Houte’s brilliance and imaginative vision in the electronic dance music field. “Platinum” is a must-listen, whether you’re an avid fan of EDM or just seeking a new party anthem.