Marco Faraone
Marco Faraone

Marco Faraone debuts on Factory 93 with ‘Timeless / Mirror Games’

Italian heavyweight Marco Faraone lands for the first time on Insomniac‘s techno-driven imprint, Factory 93 with the 2-track EP Timeless / Mirror Games.

After having hosted its own stage at both EDC Las Vegas and Orlando, Factory 93 returns with some proper techno music with Marco Faraone. It’s incredibly difficult to pin down the indestructible Italian producer. He’s proven he can make anything from party-starting house to immersive techno, as well as almost any shade in between. Marco explores the more melodic side of the techno spectrum on his upcoming two-tracker, demonstrating his undeniable vitality in that space.

This time is the turn of Marco Faraone with two expertly crafted melodic techno weapons. Kicking off the EP with Timelessthe tune starts with a clean and tidy beat, backed by a hypnotic percussive rhythm. The mysterious main theme flows on top guides the listener into the unknown while the top main synth melody leads the way. It mixes thunderous drums and bass with a crisp, tastefully saturated synth melody that is both massive and uplifting. The melody slows to a crawl as we enter the break, then picks up speed and intensity as we’re whisked back into an epic crash of groove and energy in the track’s final section. It’s ideal for injecting some color into an otherwise dark and percussion-heavy set.

On the B-side, Marco Faraone presents Mirror GamesUsing the same format of the previous release, this time the plucked main theme is faster and more soothing. The clean beat describes perfectly the surrounding environment, dark, raw, and industrial. “Mirror Games” does the same thing with airy melodies and raw, driving techno production, but it’s a little darker and more introspective. As the track gains energy, waves of ride cymbals wash over the mix before washing away into a sea of synthesizer pads drenched in reverb. As a rush of snares and melody lead us back into the groove, a distorted Moog-like bass begins to ebb. The track is a perfect match for its counterpart.

I played this track many times and it always had an incredible reaction and I’m really happy that I found the perfect platform to release it. I believe Factory 93 is the right label to let this track see the light. – Marco Faraone

The prolific Italian producer has established himself as one of the most respected names within the modern techno realm, having maintained a steady stream of releases on Drumcode, Rekids, and his own UNCAGE imprint.

Marco Faraone’s 2-track EP Timeless / Mirror Games is out now via Factory 93. Stream and download here or below.