Marksman teams up with Emma Petty for ‘Drifting’


London-based DJ and producer and long-time The Groove Cartel friend, Marksman teams up with Emma Petty for Drifting.

An energetic, melodic, and progressive banger that has been thoroughly tested in London’s nightclubs. This song, which also features the strong vocals of Emma Petty, is a show-stopping anthem with rumbling basslines, pounding drums, and ethereal synths.

The song is about drifting away from a past acquaintance who was never beneficial to you. Even though this might at first seem depressing, the change is actually for the better.

The single from Marksman, “Drifting,” has a danceable House sound that will get you up and moving, even if you’re not in a club. The melodic tune is sung with style and vigor by Emma Petty. The song’s structure is traditional, and the drum line features a variety of instrument colors and densities.

A timeless House track from Marksman and Emma Petty will satisfy you whether you’re listening or dancing. The catchy melodies and rhythm, along with Marksman’s varied backgrounds, give this track a modern feel.