Marksman presents 2-track EP ‘Warp Speed’ including remixes

Featuring ’Warp Speed’ and ‘Gizmo’, the EP includes remixes by Stranger Souma and Godbolo


We left Marksman some months ago when he released his single Quemada with Nelin and now, the London-based producer is back with his latest release of 2021; Warp Speed is a two-track EP including remixes by Stranger Souma and Godbolo.

Warp Speed shook the world with two songs that showcased the outstanding talent of British music producer Marksman. He is known for creating melodic techno that builds gradually until a point of pure ecstasy; he brings his listeners to a brilliantly executed climax after an amazingly built structural and musical evolution.

Now he’s back with remastered versions of Warp Speed and Gizmo for TLILTIC Records. With this new version, he delivers not only a more polished sound but also a brighter spatial dimension. Both tunes feel renewed as a result of this, almost as if they had never been heard before.

Kicking off with the EP title track, Warp Speed starts with a mysterious and rolling rhythm. The long cinematic lines on the background prepare the listener for a journey through sonic strings and intimate beat.

The title track ‘Warp Speed’ is about a journey through the cosmos, initially unsettling and mysterious but fortunately the listener finds some cool extraterrestrial pals to party with (much like Marty in the second video), which leads down a joyous climax of clapping alien cheeks – Marksman

On the other end, Gizmo is a bit harder and more underground, with its raw and industrial percussions. The plucked and dark arpeggio on top collides with the techno-oriented beat for a feeling between calm and eagerness.

‘Gizmo’ is the more upbeat and funky of the two tracks, picks up right where things left off, and focus on the afterparty vibes. Keeping spirits high after a journey through space, and this track is the embodiment of that super important message – Marksman

On the B-side, Godbolo presents his remix of the EP title track. In this version of Warp Speed, he introduces more minimal and clean percussions while keeping the dreamy and space-inspired main theme. The Mexican producer and TLILTIC member transforms Warp Speed into an afrobeat remix that breathes new life into the original. Last but not least, Stranger Souma‘s spin of Gizmo presents a wobbling baseline that flows into nostalgic and reflecting arpeggio on the breakdown. She transforms Gizmo into a more upbeat song, breaking down barriers and reminding us why the Moroccan producer is worth keeping an eye on.

The whole EP, including the remixes, is available via TLILTIC Records; stream it below.