Marksman drops 2-EP ’When You’re Gone/Sueño Flamenco’

Marksman's Debut on True Story Comic: A Unique Blend of Electronic Music and Storytelling


London-based DJ and producer, Marksman, has made his debut on True Story Comic with a 2-EP release, featuring “When You’re Gone” and “Sueño Flamenco.” The label’s focus on storytelling through electronic music perfectly complements Marksman’s signature style, which blends genres to create a unique and powerful sound. This release promises to be a unique and captivating musical journey that takes listeners on an emotional and introspective ride.

Marksman’s 2-track EP When You’re Gone/Sueño Flamenco

When You’re Gone” is a dark and melancholic melodic tech track that explores the emotional pain of losing someone close to you. The track features a brooding beat, emotive melodies, and atmospheric synth work that create a somber and introspective mood. The track is a departure from the high-energy beats of “Sueño Flamenco,” but it showcases the range of Marksman’s musical style. The track is an emotional and introspective journey that speaks to the universal experience of loss.

Sueño Flamenco” is a dark and mysterious melodic tech track that infuses Spanish flamenco harmonies and instrumentation. The track features a driving beat, haunting melodies, and intricate guitar work that evoke a sense of danger and intrigue. The use of flamenco elements adds a unique and exotic flavor to the track, making it stand out from other electronic dance music tracks. The track perfectly exemplifies Marksman’s ability to blend different genres and styles into a cohesive sound.

About Marksman

Marksman is a progressive force in the melodic house and techno scene, gaining a reputation for his innovative productions and DJ sets. He has held residencies from April to July and regularly plays on Bloop London Radio. His signature style combines genres to create a sound that is dark, emotive, and powerful, taking his audience on a musical journey they don’t forget.

True Story Comic

True Story Comic is a record label that focuses on the stories and emotions behind electronic music. Each release on the label features an artist protagonist telling their tale through the music they or produces. By showcasing a diverse range of styles and narratives, the label hopes to create a more personal and meaningful connection between the artist and the listener.

Marksman’s debut on True Story Comic is a perfect showcase of the label’s focus on storytelling through electronic music. “Sueño Flamenco” and “When You’re Gone” are both unique and powerful tracks that showcase Marksman’s ability to blend genres and styles to create a sound that is both emotive and powerful.