Mashk returns to Labo T with ’Reliance’

Mashk, a Parisian musician, has a brand-new track out called “Reliance” and is back on Labo T.

This song’s quick tempo and broken beat at the same time make it highly emotional and powerful. The piano-driven intro to “Reliance” quickly transitions to a startling and captivating breakbeat loop. This track is incredibly distinctive and special because of the contrast between various emotions and feelings. Mashk once again reveals a fresh side of his musical palette with “Reliance.”

Mashk’s music has qualities that exist inside the realm of sound, sending the listener on a journey that expresses emotions, dreams, and ambitions. He tries to touch hearts with each song.

Teho’s incredible imprint Labo T continues to push boundaries into the electronic music scene. From his latest album to Labo T singles throughout the year, the label has a bright future in front of it. Reliance by Mashk is out now.