Matroda drops “Throw Your Hands” on Insomniac

The renowned house music producer has just released his newest tune on the Insomniac label. imprint.


Matroda is making his way back over to Insomniac Records with his brand new track “Throw Your Hands,” which is shaping up to be yet another song that will be played on dancefloors.

The Croatian heavyweight Matroda is a machine when it comes to churning out high-grade house music. He maintains a relentless output that runs from uplifting piano house to powerful tech rhythms, and he is a machine when it comes to churning out high-quality house music. Even if his most recent appearance on the Insomniac imprint, “Saturday Love,” in collaboration with Slovenian’s rapidly emerging producer Dino DZ, is still making waves on the dancefloor. The song, which is based on a hook that was taken from a soul classic from the 1980s, has already racked up about a quarter of a million streams in less than a month, and he is already returning to the label with another certified hymn.

This time around, he’s given the nod to the hook that gets the party started on “ATLiens,” the title track from the revolutionary rap group Outkast’s sophomore album. The tech house banger, aptly titled “Throw Your Hands,” is built around a commanding vocal loop taken from the song’s unforgettable chorus. This loop is sampled, chopped up, and strewn across the track’s shuffling drums, as well as the producer’s signature recoiling basslines, sporadic snare rolls, and hypnotic flute melodies, which add texture to the unyielding bounce.

Alongside more than 70 other important songs from a good chunk of the artists featured on the packed program, his new track is going to be bundled into the official ‘EDC Las Vegas 2023’ compilation album, capturing the coveted #2 slot. It is the ideal way to build up to his much-anticipated return to the three-day event that will be held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and comes directly on the heels of his first headlining performance at the legendary Hollywood Palladium, which was completely sold out weeks in advance.

As Matroda continues to push boundaries and please crowds with each and every release, “Throw Your Hands” helps further solidify his place as the current undisputed champion of the house scene.

Through Insomniac Records, the new single “Throw Your Hands” by Matroda is now available on all digital distribution platforms.