Matt Fax
Matt Fax

Matt Fax presents ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ feat. Chris Howard

Global heavyweight Matt Fax releases Behind Blue Eyes – a progressive house reworking of the classic rock track and the latest single from his forthcoming studio album.

Behind Blue Eyes is a progressive house remake of the classic rock track and the latest single from global heavyweight Matt Fax‘s forthcoming studio album. Behind Blue Eyes was released by Matt Fax.

Matt Fax drops his second single from his upcoming album, ‘Behind Blue Eyes

Behind Blue Eyes was originally written and recorded by The Who and released on their 1971 album Who’s Next. In 2003, Limp Bizkit famously covered the song, and it went on to become a global hit for the band, reaching No. 1 in the Czech Republic and Sweden and charting in the top three in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Norway. Behind Blue Eyes was originally recorded and released by The Who in 1971 on their album Who’s Next.

The classic vocal is preserved in Matt Fax‘s rendition, but the song is undeniably repositioned inside his sphere of influence. In collaboration with vocalist, composer, and member of the love drum & bass band Sleeping Dragon Chris Howard, he creates a really epic and memorable dance song by juxtaposing the mournful lyrics with soaring progressive melodies and gritty synth lines. Chris Howard is also a member of the band Sleeping Dragon.

Behind Blue Eyes started as a personal version of this classic The Who track I was listening a lot while making the album. The lyrics totally echoed what I was feeling, when you feel like nobody understands you. It’s one of the most important track of the upcoming album. – Matt Fax

Behind Blue Eyes is the second track that has been released from Matt’s upcoming studio album The Story Of The Fall, which will have him deviating from the progressive-driven sound that has been his signature style.

The album will consist of twelve tracks and will cover a wide variety of electronic music subgenres when it is finally released in July of 2023. The Story Of The Fall embodies Matt’s 11-year trek to becoming the global heavyweight he is today and establishes the foundations for his sound for the future. The album has club-ready, gritty basslines and cascading synths as well as melodic, vocal-led tunes.

The artist: Matt Fax

French DJ and producer Matt Fax has been active in the music industry for more than a decade, and he has continued to solidify his position as a fundamental figure in both the melodic house and progressive scenes. It is now generally accepted that he is one of the most important producers who is responsible for further developing the progressive melodic sound. He has a devoted fanbase all over the world, and Spotify alone boasts a half million people who listen to his music on a monthly basis.

An large repertoire featuring a diverse range of sounds strongly anchored in the melodic dance world can be found among Matt’s releases. His work has been featured on renowned record labels like as Enhanced, Colorize, Anjuna, and Armada. He has already accomplished a great deal in his career despite the fact that he is just 27 years old. These accomplishments include the release of two albums in the past as well as the career-spanning collection X, which was published in 2022.