Maxi Meraki debuts on Sudam with 5-track EP ‘Signature V’

The Signature Series brings crafted sounds by Sudam artists developing 5 tracks all with their unique sound

Maxi Meraki Signature V
Maxi Meraki Signature V

After an incredible series of releases in 2021, Maxi Meraki is ready to close this year with the boom. He lands for the first time on Sudam Recordings with a 5-track EP in the form of Signature VThe EP brings Meraki’s own sound on the label.

Signature is Sudam’s flagship series where artists showcase their production skills without having boundaries or scripts to follow. This fifth installment sees Belgian DJ and producer Maxi Meraki brings his tech-house hypnotic sound to the label.

Maxi Meraki Signature V.

Kicking off with Pink Sandthe EP starts slowly with a clean and minimal main theme. It flows through clean and precise percussions, rapidly backed up with a hypnotic arpeggio. The track is the perfect beginning of the EP but we can definitely see it being played at the sunrise after an incredible night. Me & You on the other end bring intimate and tropical chill house vibes to the EP. A perfect soundtrack to enjoy the sunset at the end of a working day, Me & You introduces a special vocal as well. The soft piano lines complete this incredible piece of electronic music.

Say My Name adds some more movements to the EP with hypnotic but yeat neat bassline and rolling rhythm. The soul-driven vocal brings the listener to another universe and this continue rollercoaster of feelings, between the chill melodies and the more soothing beats, perfectly blends with the EP’s vibes.

Dear Amore completely moves away from the previous tracks with its lovely sounds and faithful melodies. The piano soundscapes are full of charming vibrations that are cleverly mixed with hypnotic but yet pleasing beats.

Last but not least, Paradiso Erotico mixes a bit of feeling-good house lines with minimal percussive rhythm for a delightful ending of the EP.

Signature V is the debut for Maxi Meraki on Suma but you may remember him from his previous release on ARTWRK. Insane World and Way Too Long have achieved both 100.000 streams on Spotify alone. Download Signature V exclusively on Beatport.