Swedish DJ and producer METTA drops massive new single Shams

A pop and radio-friendly breakdown introduces the incredible deep baseline filled with a hypnotic percussion groove and catchy elements.

LA-based DJ and producer METTA just dropped his second summer hit Shams.

Born in Sweden and now relocated to Los Angeles, METTA puts special attention to details, bringing his signature deep sound to life on every tune. Shams is METTA’s second release for this summer and he brings back the bouncy festival vibes. Kicking off with a radio-friendly vocal mixed with some pop percussions the record rapidly increase in energy thanks to the melodic crescendo. The drop starts with a deep and clean baseline filled with a hypnotic percussive groove and catchy elements.

The pop and radio-friendly vibes collide with the club elements creating a unique spin for Shames. This is why the record reached the 300k plays only on Soundcloud in a month. METTA’s Shame is out now on Spotify too and it’s waiting to be added on your personal playlist.

Check below for the full stream.

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