Minorah drops ‘Over The Clouds/Cyclone’ on Sinners

Spacing between melodic techno and harmonic house, Minorah returns with an astonishing two-tracker Over The Clouds/Cyclone. He is returning to Sinners with an electrifying EP following his collaboration with Aalson on “Last One.”

A cyclone illustrates the power of the sky. From a moment of clarity and serenity, “Cyclone” decides to strike with an apocalyptic strength, destroying everything in its path. Mysterious and dreamy harmonies collide with a dark and hypnotic beat while the top synth lines produce an eerie feeling.

However, there is one secure location where the cyclone is powerless. Over the clouds is a location where the weather is consistently sunny, calm, and light. The tune delivers hope and restraint while the down-tempo beat keeps things still calm and severe.

Minorah, a longtime member of the French collective Happiness Therapy, recently founded his own label, Wabi Sabi. The French artist’s vision is supported by this project, which has a strong graphic and melodic artistic direction and examines the breadth of his influences.