Music Activities for Elementary Students
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Music Activities for Elementary Students

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Kahlil Gibran once said that music is the language of the spirit. It opens up the secret of life, bringing peace and abolishing strife. I am sure most would nod in agreement with him. Music is an essential tool, strong enough to bring warring people to peace. This is because music unites, bringing about an aura of tranquility, and at that point, else troubles defeat in an attempt to feel the rare peaceful moment.

Children connect on an insane level with music; it is as if it was crafted for them. This is because music is a more potent instrument, according to Plato. Music can also be used to improve writing skills; if you’re at your first experience with writing, a paper writing service could be a choice as well. Study proves that music uses both sides of the brain, making it crucial to a child’s academic, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects. Playing instruments and adding movement to the lessons teaches children sequential learning, essential in reading comprehension.

The following are, therefore, examples of music activities for elementary students. All of them were willingly provided by a team of professional essay writers from AdvancedWriters, an academic writing company.

The cup game.

I have heard various songs that have been recreated into a cup’s version. Despite having a lost list of songs to choose from, nothing can beat the Pitch Perfect When I’m gone song. I may never have enough words to explain how much joy the music brought into my heart. I even tried to form my version and failed terribly.

The cup game is a very engaging musical activity that helps cultivate rhythm, steady beat, coordination, and teamwork. All you need are cups for this exercise. Once they learn how to go about it, it is exhilarating, and it will be almost impossible to get them to do something else. Teaching them may prove to be a bit complicated, but many guidelines and videos will simplify and hasten the process. After learning the sequence, you can advance to more extraordinary lengths and create a song with them.

Playing musical instruments

Talents are discovered at a very young age. If you watch America’s Got Talent, you will be amused by the number of children who come out to participate in the competitions. Their talents seem unbelievable. Many other children have incredible untapped skills. We may sire a generation of young Michael Jacksons and Celine Dion with the proper guidance.

Schools invest in musical classes by ensuring enough instruments for the children to use. Spice up the students’ angelic voices with various instruments, and you will experience unheard-of melodies. Have the students split into multiple groups, everyone selecting a device of their choice, and let them play with different timbres or sounds.

Musical games.

Life in school does not have to be surrounded by essays and concepts every time. You may be having the wildest frustrations due to bland essay writing and becoming an expert writer. When the going gets tough, it is okay to get some essay writing help. Letting your mind go and playing some games may offer tranquility beyond measure. If I were to highlight all games spiced with music children love to play, my list would be boundless. Children have a standard characteristic of being very playful. They will look for the slightest chance to play with their friends, toys, or parents. There is a very genuine look of love when a child meets another to play. It fills their hearts.

Most teachers prefer using musical games as their mode of teaching. This is because it keeps the children excited and concepts taught are easily grasped and remembered over time. Proper relations with peers can be effectively taught through games. Most games require cooperation and teamwork for their success; hence the virtues are cultivated into the children very swiftly.
An example of an engaging musical game is the musical chairs. All you need are chairs and some music. The chairs provided must be one fewer than the number of children playing. The music is played, and the children get to dance around the chairs. Once the music stops, the children rush to find an empty chair to sit on. Anyone left standing is disqualified. The game is fun and exciting for young students. It would be best if you tried it.

Performance pieces.

There is a particular infatuation a child gets when they hear performing. It is like a blood rush that exhilarates every fiber in them. However, you can barely blame them. I lived for the moments when my parents would see me performing a piece on the stage. It gave me so much satisfaction seeing my mum cheer and my dad giving me a thumb’s up. I am positive that the case is the same for today’s modern child.

Performances may come in many dynamics. They may perform a skit, a song, a poem, or anything. What all the mentioned have in common is the musical aspect. It is rare to find a performance that has no music in it. The music is what ties everything together and brings the fun. There may be no harm in adding a couple of musical instruments to make it merrier. Allow the children to get as creative as they can. Remember to provide them with enough support to keep them excited about their performance. You will be in for quite an adventure as you watch them put their hearts out into the renditions.

Composing music.

Have you read about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? Mozart started playing music at the age of four. At the age of five, he surprised everyone with his incredible music composition talent.
Under proper guidance, children may be able to unleash their remarkable talents. It is up to the teachers and parents to ensure that these talents are discovered to benefit the children. It is vital to encourage students to compose their songs.

It will start simply then progress slowly into a remarkable blooming flower.


I hope you enjoyed the music activities for kids mentioned in this article. Of course, there are thousands more, but these will get you started when things are super busy for you.