Afrojack, Stadiumx & Toby Romeo remixed “Okay” by Nicky Romero

Afrojack, Stadiumx & Toby Romeo

Nicky Romero has had a talent for creating emotive yet danceable music that evokes deep emotions in the hearts of listeners since the beginning of his career, and his latest track “Okay” with fellow Dutchmen MARF and singer/songwriter Wulf is a prime example. It starts off with soulful vocals and gentle melodies before gradually progressing to a classic, progressive buildup and a goosebump-inducing drop. The lyrics to “Okay” talk about the importance of checking in on your loved ones, which has become especially relevant to the artists during the pandemic that swept the globe last year. Nicky’s new single “Okay” follows his remix of Afrojack and David Guetta’s “Hero.”

When it comes to the writing and production process, ‘Okay’ was a very special track to work on together with MARF & Wulf. For me, it has become a song close to my heart. During these extraordinary times, the people that are close to me became more important than ever. The message behind ‘Okay’ that we want to spread is that we should check on the people around us more often whether or not things are ‘okay.’ We should show them that we are there for them when they need us. Every line in the song has a deeper meaning, and I can’t wait to perform it live. – Nicky Romero

Afrojack, Stadiumx & Toby Romeo remixes.

The summertime hit “Okay” by Nicky Romero, MARF, and Wulf gets a dancefloor-friendly remix from none other than dance music veteran Afrojack. With a goosebump-inducing buildup and driving, rhythmic bassline, Afrojack turns the original’s emotive vocals and gentle melodies on their heads, driving crowds into a frenzy at the next festival or club night. The addition of classic big-room sounds and deep, growling bass exemplifies why Afrojack has been a fan favorite for more than a decade. His sound blends seamlessly with that of fellow Dutch veteran Nicky Romero, resulting in a remix of “Okay” that is a must-have for any dance music fan.

Shortly after the release of Afrojack’s rendition of Nicky Romero, MARF and Wulf’s “Okay,” the Protocol Recordings’ boss releases the complete three-track remix package of his latest dance-pop single. There’s a version of “Okay” for every mood, thanks to two brand new interpretations from Protocol’s veteran Hungarian duo Stadiumx and rising Austrian talent Toby Romeo.

To complement Afrojack’s dancefloor-friendly version, Stadiumx created an uplifting progressive house remix with a goosebump-inducing buildup for those moments when you want the melodies to carry you away. Toby Romeo debuts his sound with a remix that draws out groovy, future house-oriented sounds that are ideal for Protocol’s ever-evolving style.

Stream and download the whole pack here.