Orkidz returns to Cafe De Anatolia with ‘Cumbia Loca’ EP

Including the title track, ‘Concheros’ and ’Respira’, Orkidz brings up into an ethereal journey


Cafe De Anatolia brings to you once again the Orient sounds but with a touch of South-America vibes, with a solid 3-track EP Cumbia Loca from Orkidz.

Kicking off with Cumbia Locapacked with a lively, energetic, and upbeat feel, typically of cumbia, a dance that originated in Colombia known for its vibrant rhythms and contagious energy. The organic vocal and sonorous sounds bring joy and happiness to the ones who listen to the song. Up next, Concherus mixes organic sounds, environmental elements, and mystical long lines. Referring to a type of indigenous religious group in Mexico, Concherus have a more spiritual or reflective feel, with deep and magical harmonies. Last but not least, Respira perfectly ends this 3-track collection of exciting music. Its nostalgic and dreamy harmonies wonderfully complete the EP.

My music combines electronic sounds with traditional/ tribal musical elements from different parts of the world. – Orkidz talking about his music

ORKIDZ, also known as Issam J, is a producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist. His diversity and experiences as a biologist, traveler, and collector of traditional and folklore music from all around the world are reflected in his music. His music spans a variety of genres, including Afro house, Deep and Melodic house, Organic House/Downtempo/Dub, and more, fusing ethnic, melodic, and organic components with deep electronic sounds.

Orkidz’s 3-track EP Cumbia Loca is currently out now via Cafe De Anatolia.