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In Anima

French Producers Paul Roux and In Anima Release “Lazy Sunday”

Lazy Sunday,” the latest single from producers Paul Roux and the enigmatic In Anima duo. The record enchants listeners with its unique and expertly crafted blend of propulsive break-beat rhythms and sublime, ethereal melodies.

“Lazy Sunday” is a true musical gem that first took shape three years ago. It all started when the mysterious Lyon-based In Anima shared an embryonic demo with their equally talented compatriot Paul Roux. Instantly impressed by the raw potential of the track, Roux applied his own inimitable creative stamp. The result was a fully-formed composition that nevertheless lay dormant for two long years, awaiting the perfect moment for its unveiling.

That moment arrived when, by a fortuitous twist of fate, Paul Roux and In Anima found themselves reunited recently – and their shared passion for the “Lazy Sunday” recording was instantly reignited.

From its hypnotic 132 bpm tempo to the deep, resonant tones of whale song samples woven throughout, “Lazy Sunday” transports listeners to an immersive realm of transcendent grooves and widescreen ambiance. The dreamy narrative spun by the track’s lush synths and kinetic percussion is the audible manifestation of the profound musical mind-meld between its creators.

We found a musical connection that is truly special, and ‘Lazy Sunday’ is a testament to our harmonious partnership – said Roux and In Anima. – This piece has been a long time coming, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to finally share it with the world.