Per Nord drops banging new tech house tune ‘Barcadera’

Swedish producer Per Nord unveils brand new summer-techy record called ‘Barcadera’ on Black Lemon.

Filled with a great rolling and groovy percussive rhythm, ‘Barcadera’ will immediately set you in the right mood. Relaxing and chill at the right point, the record introduce a very nice trumpet top melody. This, enriched by the soft but non-stop percussive rhythm, will continue to make you dance through the sunset until deep night.

Per Nord

All the way from Borås, Sweden, dropped, almost a year ago, his first deep house tune. ‘Brave.’ which follow Kygo tropical house path, is followed by Per Nord Remix of ‘Feel Good’. On this one, the rhythm became harder and faster until coming to ‘Walking On Clouds’ a mix of trance and progressive house.

‘Barcadera’ is Per Nord latest tune and you can definitely feel his evolution as an artist. The tune, out now on Black Lemon is available on Spotify below.

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