Photographer has added famous painting into festival’s pics

Hungarian photographer Marton Nemenyi has added famous painting into Sziget Festival’ shots.

Electronic music festivals are probably the craziest places on Earth but, this initiative brought the Sziget Festival to a new level. Hungarian photographer Marton Nemenyi has decided to photoshop some of his festival’s pics adding characters of famous paintings.

On the gallery at the end of this article, you will find the protagonists of ‘The Kiss’ by Francesco Hayez inside a phone box on the festival ground or the famous Liberty Leading the People in the middle of the crowd. There’s also the Monna Lisa on the front row or the dancers by Edgar Degas in the middle of the dancefloor.

Marton Nemenyi and Sziget Festival

Marton Nemenyi is a Hungarian photographer and journalist. The Sziget + paintings project born for fun but it becomes rapidly viral, quoting from Nemenyi’s website:

Classic paintings and today’s Sziget Festival. This was a fun project during the 2018 festival, made just for the kicks. Soon it vent viral, so i got my 15 minutes of internet fame.

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