PLS&TY Teases Night Side of His Upcoming “3 Days, 2 Nights” EP

Just released New Dark Club-Oriented Single "Yours" with Tudor part of the EP


PLS&TY, who hails from Florida, is back with the latest tune from his upcoming EP titled “3 Days, 2 Nights.

This time around, he’s bringing a club-oriented “night side” track with “Yours,” which features Welsh singer/songwriter Tudor. This song features progressive basslines that roll along with progressive melodies and soulful vocals that have a melancholy quality to them.

3 Days, 2 Nights EP by PLS&TY

After a suspenseful build-up, it drops into a moody, groove-filled section that is ideal for late-night dancing on the dance floor. PLS&TY’s previous tracks from the EP, “Party In My Head” ft. Lost Boy, which is now Top 30 charting at Dance Radio, and “New Color,” which serves as the darker sister to their “day side” vibes, are both complemented by “Yours,” which was released as part of the EP.

In the past, Tudor has collaborated with a variety of musicians, including Diplo, Cedric Gervais, Hayden James, and LP Giobbi, among others.

About the artist: PLS&TY

Tommy Leas, a native of Florida who goes by the stage name PLS&TY, is quickly making a name for himself in the electronic dance music world with his distinctive style. His music is characterized by lazy bass, fascinating vocals, and enough cheerful tunes to make anyone feel good. His music has been streamed more than 100 million times across various platforms, and that’s assuming you don’t count a feature in a television ad for Hershey’s chocolate that has now accrued more than one billion views.

PLS&TY will emerge in 2023 with new music and an ever-growing global community of admirers following his creativity, all while making use of the humorous “mind your manners” and “please and thank you” catchphrases.